Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why Hello There!

Yes, you there, reading my posts!

Why haven't you been commenting?

I can see you through my Google Analytics, so why are you hiding in the shadows? I have 33 followers, but I certainly never see 33 comments on a post! Come on out and introduce yourself. I promise to stop by your blog, and I may even add you to my blogroll if you're not already there.

That's not enough to motivate you? Well what if I tell you that the person with the most shameless (really, shameful) plug for my blog on their blog will receive a nice little award and a place on my front page for a while?

Would that motivate you?

Go ahead, plug away. I will keep watch on how many people visit me based on your posting of my link, and the more shameless (shameful) the way you plug my blog, the more likely you are to win this contest.

So yes, that means you have to leave a comment for me to come by and check out your blog.

Note to Self: And yes this is a shameless (shameful) plug for my own blog.


Matt said...


you should check out my blog.

I love yours.

the Grit said...

Hi MJ,

I'd comment more often but this pop up comment window is a real pain that doesn't encourage me to leave casual remarks.

the Grit

RazorEddie said...

Just thought I'd let you know; I ended up here via List of the Day.

Now... to look around a bit!

Gladys said...

Heck I'm not shy and I have no idea how I ended up here but I'm glad I did. I will add this I kept thinking that there was someone who lived here in little town that liked me a lot and visited my blog everyday. Then i realized it was me checking to see if anyone had read my blatherings and had commented. Who knew I was my own biggest fan.

colbymarshall said...

I know you know I'm here. Lol. Also, may need to pick the Dougster's brain at some point b/c new character is a cop. Oh, and I want your punch recipe. I'm glad this comment has basically nothing to do with your post, but there you have it!

livininsanity said...

Hi, I'm LIVIN, I have such a terrible case of ADD that I disappear for three months at a time... also, ditto the WTF on the comment pop-up window. Of course, in my absence, there have been many changes, some good (POLLS), some bad (pop-up comment windows that only load a third of the time). Change for the sake of change is not beneficial, unfortunately, many companies have yet to learn this. So, shameless plugs? Like free pizza? :p

The crazy Shaw Family said...

ok, I will comment! love your blog, and your fun style!
Shameless plug: I have cute kids and a crazy husband! Blogging is my escape! My insanity is your entertainment (hopefully, anyway!)

Keep up the great work!

Danielle said...

I'm keeping up as best I can, I swear! Have I mentioned that the internet hates me? But I'm glad that you have me on your blogroll!

the weirdgirl said...

HA! I have the same issue on my blog. However, my pleas for comments go unheeded.

Maki said...

Hello, My name is Maki. I've always loved reading your blog - please visit mine, if you can.... LOL.

I honestly have been a loyal reader, no? Love ya! xoxo

MJ said...

Matt - :) Yeeeeaaaah, I know you!

The Grit - OK, OK. Happy now?

RazorEddie - Hey there! Glad to have you. Poke around all you like.

Gladys - LOL. Yeah, I have analytics setup so it won't count my visits - otherwise, I would probably have an extra 100 hits a week lol.

CM - No prob, bob. Will hit you up with an email!

Livin - Where the heck have you been, man?? Sheesh. You disappear for all that time, then you come back complaining. Welcome back!

TCrazySF - Welcome to the zoo. Don't feed the animals, hon. You may lose a limb.

Danielle - Yeah, I know you're around every now and again. Good to see you!

Weirdgirl - :) I've visited your blog a few times. I'm highly impressed.

Maki - :D You have been a great reader, Maki!

House Wife said...

How shameless was I? I had never commented on your blog before and was always just a silent reader. Then all of a sudden, BOOM! I gave you an award. :) BTW, I love Maki, she is a faithful reader of my blogs as well!

the Grit said...

Hi MJ,

Sort of. I reserve the right to tease more concession out of you, such as I requested that time you did the blog-a-thon thing. But, in general, yes :)

the Grit

Janelle said...

Hey MJ,

Sorry I never post a comment but I swear to you that I am an avid follower! :)

You know me right?! Does Jambo79 ring a bell?

Any oh my gosh, I'm not a blogger who wants or needs to be recognized. I'm still learning! (You're a good teacher!)

Lucy said...

Hey I'll comment. I think I found you from.......oh I remember Significant Snail. No problem for me. I'll follow along and even comment. Thanks.

The Vinyl Villager said...

Ive been bad at commenting everywhere the past few weeks...Ill take two lashes with that power cord.

MJ said...

House Wife - That is pretty shameless...

Grit - Good to hear.

Janelle - Girl! where have you been???

Lucy - Glad you came by! I hope you'll stick around.

VV - :D Say two Hail MJ's and you're forgiven, my son.