Thursday, January 8, 2009

Caution: Dangerous Curves

Why, hello there blog family! It seems I have had some new visitors and acquired some new stalkers. I'm so glad you're here. Drink the Kool-Aid!!!!.... *ahem* I mean... welcome. Sit down. Stay a while. Excuse the mess. Yes, that is dog poo.

Anywho, the topic today is one of New Year concern. The topic of weight loss.

Yeah, I know - we make the promise every year to eat better and get into shape. And yeah, we stop going to the gym when sleeping-in seems so much more important. And yeah, we continue to eat half a frozen pizza at one sitting (Although we did switch to thin crust! Give us a break!).

But here's the thing: if you can learn to love your body and its flaws, you can pay more attention to what your body needs, rather than obsessing over what mold you want your body to fit into.

I've written posts about my body before: one about my vertical dysfunction and another about being a chubby kid. But as much as I like to be shy about my body in public or drive my cop crazy with all my whining about extra surface area, I LOVE to walk around naked. I LOVE putting on cute skivvies, sucking in my stomach, and admiring the wonder that is me in a full-length mirror.

I will never understand women who despise their reflection. Everyone has a best feature, no matter who you are or what shape you're in. For me, I adore my breasts and calves. Both are pretty big and un-affected by gravity, and I like to think they make women jealous and throw men into a tizzy. (I said I like to think. Even if it isn't true, it makes me feel better.)

Formerly Fun wrote a great post this week on the way women feel about themselves. I literally cried upon reading it. It amazes me that all of us, all women, seem to be critical of themselves - in public or in private - and we never think to support each other in our endeavor for self-esteem.

So, here we go ladies. I'll start:

You are beautiful.

There, I said it. And I mean it.
Now look in the mirror and say it. And mean it.
Now look at your best girlfriend and say it. And mean it.

Note to Self: Now don your cutest big-girl panties under your business suit, jeans, or pjs and feel the way you should - you hot, sexy vixen, you!


thevinylvillage said...

what about us guys, do we get to be beautiful too? ha ha

pure evyl said...

Hells Yeah!!!

Sara said...

ok, i totally have to steal the feed the fish for my blog. shoot me. (not really)

im exactly the same weight i was pre-baby, but i need to lose 5lbs to get my body back to the way it was. funny what pregnancy does to you...but i just ate 12 chocolate chip cookies, a big glass of milk and then some cheese and crackers. screw the weight loss. i love food too much.

Maki said...

May I just say now?


I love this post - thank you:)

Maki said...

Oops, I forgot to say - I sent you an invitation to your gmail for my new blog. Check it, okay?

teeni said...

Beautiful sentiments and beautiful post. I think we women need to support each other more. Again, great post!

MJ said...

VV - Okay, okay. For the guys - YOU ARE HANDSOME. A total hottie. Feel better? :)

PE - Darn skraight! :D

Sara - Steal away! I love the fish - they're very soothing. And I'm with you... I LOVE FOOD. I'm not very good at giving it up.

Maki - Thanks chick! I didn't get the invite though - can you resend?

Teeni - Thanks, Teeni! I agree that we do need to support each other more.

Rachel said...

I totally agree with this post and I put on my best panties and frolick around the house; me and my size 16 figure. And I am brave enought to brave the beautiful nude beach in the beautiful plus size body god blessed me with and I look fabulous!!!

Rafael said...

Only half a pizza? Oh boy, now I feel horrible! Although to my credit I stuck to my new exercise routine and lost the first 30 pounds. I hope to loose all of 50-60 pounds by summer.

I hope. One step at a time, literally!

Rafael said...

I'm also a dude, so no panties for moi, unless she is wearing them!


kweenmama said...

I love this post. I think I will always be self-conscious about my seeming lack of curves though. Sigh.

~alison said...

I love this! Nice!

colbymarshall said...

I think usually women are way more critical of themselves and each other than men will ever be. I agree- love yourself!

the Grit said...

Hi MJ,

You don't know dog poo. Come vist sometime and I'll show you DOG POO. Oh, and feel to do so naked, assuming my wife isn't around :)

the Grit