Friday, December 26, 2008

Post of the Week

There were tons of great Christmas posts this week, but none topped my "naughty" list more than this one by Colby over at Spittin' (Out Words) Like a Llama.

She put her part dos up on Christmas day if you want to check out the thrilling conclusion!

This video is proof that, while Colby is in fact female, she has the largest hoo-has in the blog world. (Love you, Colby!)

Note to Self: And to think, that song is not the most annoying Christmas song I have ever heard. Now if it were sung by the Chipmunks, it might be a heavier contender for "worst Christmas song EVER."


colbymarshall said...

I FINALLY MADE POST OF THE WEEK! I'm all a flutter :-)

Maki said...

Oh Colby!!!! She deserves it:)

I just gave you an award MJ! Thanks so much for all your bloggy friendship:)


MJ said...

CM - Well, I'm glad I could make your millenium :)

Maki - Thanks Maki! I'll head over there and take care of posting that today!

teeni said...

Colby is a riot! I wish I had her self confidence in front of the camera! She makes me jealous! LOL.