Monday, December 15, 2008

MJ's Monday Meanderings

For your viewing pleasure, here are some hand-picked links to love:

Don't pull a Burress, keep that gun securely in your sweatpants with Thunderwear (no, it's not a joke...).

A little haha for your Monday from Shoeboxblog.

Think your blog is book worthy material? Then go ahead, print and bind.

Feeling the sting of the economic downturn? Check out this interesting way to settle some debt.

Note to Self: Enjoy!


Matt said...

I still love to feed your fish.

I wish you could see how many times I have fed them.

Rachel said...

I think that is a great idea to publish your blog!

pure evyl said...

I've always thought about making a blook. But somehow I just don't see it selling jacksquat.

K Trainor said...

That spider is too funny. :D

SBW said...

I dig the spider. Thanks for the laughs.

MJ said...

Matt - Quit making my fish fat!!!

Rachel - It would be kind of fun. Maybe one day when I write something good, I'll publish it and make it a coffee table book...

PE - No, no, no... It's not to sell. It's simply to print and brag to your friends that you've been published.

K - Glad you liked it. I know some people that would do that.

SBW - Glad I could be of service.

Danielle said...

Nothing to do with today's post, but I saw you! I was rushing through the lobby of MLT on Sunday, and I saw a blonde head and thought, "Hmm. She looks familiar." A few moments later, I realized that I recognized you from your blog photos, but it seemed too weird to just randomly come up and say, "Hi, I read your blog," at the theatre. :)