Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stress Level - 4

Now that I've gotten out of the habit of writing every day, I'm finding it harder to get back to writing posts. I think about stuff during the day (as I'm sure many of you do - ooo, I should blog about this!), but when I sit down to write, there's nothing cohesive in my brain to actually type.

Well, I figure that a lot of my problem is stress. I had a bit of a breakdown last week, and this week my brain is still recovering from a mild gray matter explosion. So I was thinking, how do we manage stress? How do we decide how bad something is or how stressful a situation is?

And so I compiled this easy to use stress measurement tool:

1 - May cause some discomfort.
2 - May cause embarrassment.
3 - May cause sadness or anger.
4 - May cause hyperventilation.
5 - May cause lack of sleep.
6 - May cause failure.
7 - May cause more failure in the future.
8 - May cause bankruptcy.
9 - May cause physical harm.
10 - May cause death.

Last week, I was at about a 6 or 6.5. This week, I'm down to about a 4. Hurray!

At stress level 1, I eat a piece of cake, have a beer, and get some extra sleep. Somewhere around stress level 3, I start eating a lot of chocolate and spend extra time cuddling with my puppy. Stress level 4 means calling in the big guns (literally, I head to the range to shoot my imagined foe - the Stressinator!). And then somewhere around stress level 6, I have to consistently fight the urge to crawl into a corner and curl up into the fetal position. I got to a perceived stress level 8 once in undergrad, and that was not pretty. I think I had a thumb-sucking relapse, but I've mentally blocked out the majority of that episode.

I think it's healthy to have a certain amount of stress - it keeps us on our toes. If we didn't have a teensie bit of stress, we would never be motivated to accomplish anything!

Well, I'm off to eat me a piece of cake.

Note to Self: I'm thinking a mani-pedi would push my stress level down to a 1 or .5


teeni said...

Oooh - cake and beer! Love that! But I'd rather have it just for fun and not from stress. Oh well.

Hey - a mani-pedi is always a good idea! I love those for relaxing and destressing! Plus they are one of the most affordable ways of pampering yourself if you get the right person who does the hand massage and stuff. Now I want one.

Franco said...

hhah I think about that too LOL
I'm sure you are stressed having wdding and everything.
I accidentally deleted my blog and so I'm starting over. :(

Maki said...

Aw MJ, I hope you're feeling better! I think blogging can be good and bad depends on how busy you are emotionally and physically... I tried not to fuss too much if I can't post anything for a day or two. It really refreshes your mind, right??

Hey, if you ever come down to FL to see me (LOL), I'll take you to the salon I work and get you the fabulous mani/pedi treatment!!!


pure evyl said...

I operate best under a high stress level. And yes the shooting range is a good way to work off some of it.

Anonymous said...

A mani-pedi would work. So would a massage. THAT'S what I'm needing right now.

Peter Parkour said...

I can't be of much help in the stress department, or I'd help myself, but I can suggest a digital voice recorder to capture those awesome thoughts you might have throughout the day. Being able to capture them as they happen leaves you open to ponder said thoughts, and to add to them as the day(s) go on, until your next writing extravaganza. ;) My digital voice recorder used to be my best friend (after Bunny of course) out on the road. Just a thought. =P

Rachel said...

oooh thanks for reminding me about the mani/pedi!!

Sarah - leohubby said...

I hope things get better.....

Matt said...

I just drink beer when Im really stressed and it helps out ALOT, let me tell you.

Betme said...

Fantastic blog entry. I always find that chocoalte drops me down a point or two on the stress meter.

Shooting the gun works too. But, Mr. J won't let me pick it up when I am above a 6. (He worries for the safety of everyone in my path)

~alison said...

uuuggghhhh! Totally get it! Good luck!

nicedaydesigns said...

I'm at level 6 now by your scale,agh
My treatment is morgan spice rum and coke with fresh lime, it always makes me smile