Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Killing Time

It seemed like just yesterday that I had a whole 365 days to plan for my wedding, and now all of a sudden, there's only 319 days left. And I haven't actually done any planning of worth yet.

So what's with this awful phrase of "killing time" needed for? I mean, who wants to kill time?

Sure when I was a kid, I remember being bored to death in class or on long holidays when my friends were out of town. But I really only wanted to fill my time with something else to do, not kill it.

I had a girl in one of my MBA classes describe her reason for getting her Masters Degree as "killing time" until she gets married. Awesome. I wish people like her would stop killing what the rest of us are trying to save!

So for all you people who are just "killing time," quit euthanizing a precious commodity that someone else will cherish. Give me your unused time! I would give it a good home! I want it! I NEED it!

Note to Self: Anyone else feel time going faster as they get older? I mean at this rate, by tomorrow I'll have kids and a mortgage... scary.


Rachel said...

time flies fast! I already have a mortgage and kids next thing I know they will be graduating!
Happy planning!

colbymarshall said...

Yep, time has flown lately. This year in particular has been crazily fast.


Maki said...

I don't kill time anymore. I want to make time if possible. Time flies so fast now that I'm in 30's. I don't even want to think how fast it will fly when I reach 40's... Amen.

BTW, You still have plenty time to plan your wedding 0 don't panic, relax and enjoy:)

Franco said...

YES I WILL give you my time :(
keep us updated for your planning

bobbinoggin said...

time DOES go by more quickly as you get older.

hints that your time is slipping away:

your husband's paycheck is every two weeks... but you THINK it's every week.

you look at your kid and go... "holy crap. you talk? that is SO cool."

you want to have ANOTHER kid, and know how miserable you were for the first year of the first kid... but you're willing to live with that miserableness because woah... your first kid is already 3!

p.s. realizing how quick time goes by... really makes you question the point of doing things you hate. like making beds. getting dressed. and doing dishes.

the Grit said...

Hi MJ,

It gets even worse if you don't pay attention. Really, just last week, or so it seems, I was spending my days in a cubical writting computer software and trying to figure out how we were going to afford private school for our child, then I woke up today to find that said child is now in his second year of law school and is getting married early next year?! Oh, and now I'm a farmer!? And I have to cook dinner for 16 next week?! And I seem to know how to do it!? Dang, but I need a "pause" button.

the Grit

~alison said...

omg! I WISH we could have more time. When the time change happened...I was like - yay, one more hour! BUT that did nothing...I need about 10 more hours in the day.

kpdwife said...

I totally agree with you! Time goes by faster and faster each year. This year in particular with DH in the academy!

The thing I have learned from it is that you need to savor the time you DO have... we are not promised tomorrow.

KarenElizabeth said...

Time seems to fly by now that I'm over 25 - I hate people that are "killing" time because I would seriously kill for an extra hour or two every day to get things done lol.

teeni said...

I think there is a time barrier that is broken as soon as you finish schooling. It always runs slow before graduation but once you graduate, the spring in the timekeeper gets sprung or something and then those hands just fly around the face of the clock like they were racing each other!