Friday, November 28, 2008


It's finally here, loyal blog readers - it's finally an acceptable time to decorate for Christmas!

If you decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving, it means one of five things:

(1) You're obsessed with Christmas, because it's the only time you can convince people they have to be nice to you.
(2) You're an overachiever, and you have a little competition going with your neighbor on who can have the most obnoxious Christmas decorations up by Thanksgiving.
(3) You really just have nothing better to do.
(4) You're one of those people in my town that keeps up their Christmas lights all year round - "you might be a redneck..."
(5) You're crazy and you think Christmas lights will bring the mothership to you faster.

Anywho, I finally feel free to put the few things I have up, but there's one tiny problem...

no tree.

I'm still with a roommate, and she won't be around for the holidays, so we probably won't get a tree for the house. And the cop and I are both broke, so there won't be a tree at his place either. A little depressing? Yes. A total disaster? Not really.

I still plan to hang a garland and the roomie will probably setup her tiny, fake tree leftover from dorm life. And I plan to start a nice, new tradition now that my best friend is a police officer.

Project Blue Light is a nationally organized way to show support for law enforcement at the holidays and to honor those who lost their lives in the line of duty. The simple idea is to decorate with some blue lights, specifically a blue-light candle in the window. It is especially poignant for me this year since my man in blue will be working through the Christmas holiday.

Note to Self: And yes, I'll miss him during the holiday, as I did last night on Thanksgiving, but criminals don't take holiday. He works since we don't have children so that other officers can be with their families.


pure evyl said...

That's great that he will work to allow those with young uns to have the holiday off.

Happy decorating. And yeah, I will plug in my 'easter lights'. ;)

colbymarshall said...

Nope, sorry to disappoint, but I did decorate before Cmas and none of those apply to me :-( Fortunately, people seem to be nice to me year round (thank God!), I definitely am NOT an overachiever nor do I have a contest with Coach Sherwood, heehee...I have a lot of junk to Cmas lights were definitely not up all year...and I'm not trying to get beamed up. But I guess if you cut the beamed up part out, you could just say I was crazy :-)

Maki said...

I hate to admit, but I did decorate the house tonight.. I couldn't help it...

teeni said...

Oh, what a nice way to honor the men in blue! That's nice of your cop to work so that families can spend the holiday together.

Mitzi said...

Unfortunately I don't fall under any of those categories either. I don't decorate as much as I just listen to Christmas music 24/7. :)

Mitzi said...

Unfortunately I don't fall under any of those categories either. I don't decorate as much as I just listen to Christmas music 24/7. :)

MJ said...

PE - LOL. Figures you're one of "them."

CM - Yeah, crazy. But "birds of a feather..."

Maki - Sometimes the temptation is really great!

Teeni - He is a great guy, what can I say :D

Mitzi - Augh! Christmas music! Really???