Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You love me!

I received a lovely little award from my friend Annie (aka Writer Chick) yesterday known as the Superior Scribbler Award.

This is the sweet thing she wrote about me:
...a new addition to my blogroll, whose witty and down to earth style endears and informs and who really needs to be read more because she has some very interesting things to say.

Thank you, Annie!

Okay, now let me do this right.
Here's the link to Writer Chick.
Here's the link to the originator of the award.

And here's my five picks to pass it on to:

Maki at W/Love Sincerely because she has a big heart, is obviously a great mother, and her broken English is the most endearing thing about her.

Kweenmama at Kweenmama's Kastle because she can make me cry, laugh, and be in awe all in the same post.

Pure Evyl at From Evyl With Love because he's a freak and damn proud of it (not to mention, he can be downright dirty and hilarious)!

Colby at Spittin' (out words) Like a Llama because not only is she my friend (and future bridesmaid), but she's still my favorite blog writer, and I actually feel shame when I miss one of her posts.

The Grit at Conversations with Brit & Grit because we share the same cynical views on politics and economics, and he writes the things on his blog that so many of us think but never say.

To accept the award, you guys should:
(1) Post the award on your blog.
(2) Link me for giving it to you.
(3) Link the originating post - here.
(4) Pass the award on to five more deserving people.
(5) Post these rules for your recipients.

Note to Self: Thanks again, Annie! And congrats to the recipients.


~alison said...

congrats, lady!!

pure evyl said...

You really deserve the award. And I am truly grateful that you think that I deserve it. You are far too kind.

colbymarshall said...

congrats! And thank you, much lovely! Oh, and I'm glad you feel shame. I try to make sure to shame as many people as I can in life. Lol, j/k! :-)

colbymarshall said...

And by the way, it really about makes me cry that you said I was your fav, and I'm really not joking about that part!

Peter Parkour said...

Congrats. A very fitting award. ;)

SarahM said...

yay- congrats!

WCannie said...

Hey MJ,
Congrats, sweetie - yes, we really love you. ;)

Congrats to all the new awardees, nice choices.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award! I can't think of anyone more deserving than you. Your posts are always entertaining.

Thanks for passing the award on to me. I hope it is okay if it takes me a few days before I get around to passing it on. I have been super busy the last few days. I hope things slow down soon.

the Grit said...

Hi MJ,

Yes I do, and I'll try to pass the love along tomorrow. Being the self centered bastard that I am it won't be easy, but I'll try :)

the Grit

MJ said...

Thanks to all for the congrats. And congrats to all who received the award.

Winners - Take your time getting that award up. I think it's been a crazy week for us all. Especially you Kweenmama. I can just imagine you trying to get all those kids ready for Halloween!

Maki said...

OH MY GOD!! MJ, thank you so much x million times!

I don't even know what to say except, I'm sooo honored and grateful!
Thank you!! xoxoxoxox!

ps - i was soo busy with in-laws being in town and work, and kids. Now I'm free!