Monday, October 13, 2008

Rain, rain, go away!

It's been nasty all weekend here in Bumblefart, GA.

The company picnic went fine, except that the weather was less than lovely with overcast skies and mild sprinklings here and there. This discouraged a lot of people from coming out for the festivities.

We had TONS of food left over. We had 200 people RSVP, and only about 135 of them showed up. Three coolers full of delicious, greasy chili dogs went to waste.

What a shame.

I paid four teenagers to watch about 10 kids on the blow-up bounce toys, because we usually have so many more kids at these events. But whatever.

The aftermath of company picnics are always the fun part. Admin is more lenient on letting me have time off when I want it because "I worked so hard," I get a killer paycheck this week for working overtime for six hours on a Saturday, and now I get to spend the next two weeks or so basking in "awesome event lady" fame at the office.

The weather has been less than cooperative since Friday. It rained a good bit on Saturday night and drowned any intentions I had of being outside on Sunday. And even this morning, as if Mondays aren't already un-fun enough, it's still nasty.

Georgia has a way of having depressing weather for extended periods of time. By the end of it, we'll all be on the verge of committing suicide.

Rain, GO AWAY!

Note to Self: I know we really need the rain, but I'm selfish, and I hate it.


Franco said...

rain rain go away.
I live in geirgia as well.

Franco said...

I meant georgia

teeni said...

I only like spring rains and thunderstorms. It's the torrential downpours and the long-lasting rains for days that I hate. Sorry the picnic wasn't better but I guess you are right that Georgia needs the rain.

MJ said...

Franco - Ugh. Then you definitely felt my pain. It's nicer now though.... getting a little cooler too!

Teeni - We definitely did need the rain.