Friday, October 10, 2008

Post of the Week!

This weeks Post of the Week comes from Kweenmama!

If you have a family, plan to have a family, or are part of a family, her blog is for you. She gives great family management advice and great ideas for family bonding.

This post is a slightly serious post, but I think it's great advice for us all.


kweenmama said...

Much thanks! I am honored that you would consider my post worth linking to.

K Trainor said...

Kweenmama's blog is awesome. Good choice, MJ! :D

VE said...

Serious? Serious? How can I be serious! Does that mean I can't leave stupid comments like I usually do?

Oh, I posted my contest entry on my blog today. I'm sure I'll lose...

Maki said...

It's great choice!!!

I will be posting the "Pay it Forward" on Monday!!!!!

DES said...

Good one! :) Amazing how much we don't happen with the precious moments in life. Thanks for sharing!

MJ said...

KM - Only the deserving make POTW. :)

K - Thanks! She is great!

VE - No. Just because a post is serious doesn't mean the comments have to be. I'll run by your place this morning to catch up.

Maki - Great! I can't wait!

DES - So true.