Friday, October 24, 2008

Memo to Georgia Drivers:

If you cannot drive in the rain, please either stay at home on rainy days or move out of Georgia.

It rains a lot here, and I am tired of driving behind your retarded ass on rainy days.




Significant Snail said...

Ditto for people in Florida...

Helen said...

And people in Texas, too.

~alison said...

he same goes for LA drivers....since it hardly rains here, they really HAVE NO IDEA how t o drive in the rain!

Franco said...

omg i totally feel you

MJ said...

SS - My father lives in FL, and I absolutely hate driving there! People can't drive! Even if it's not raining!!!

Helen - Wow, it's interesting that it gets you guys too!

Alison - No kidding. I remember driving through Irvine once when it was raining, and I thought I was going to die!

Franco - I'm glad someone gets it!