Monday, October 20, 2008

Fielding Questions

A while back, I had an open call for questions [Note: It took me FOREVER to find the original post], and I remembered today that I hadn't finished answering them.

Reader DES asks: What was your most pathetic blogging moment?

Well, my most pathetic moment was something like this, where I either apologize for not blogging or warn you that I'm not going to blog. As if you give a crap that I'm lazy for a day, and as if I give a crap whether you actually visit on the weekend or not. Since then, I have started to post some on the weekends. And I still warn you from time to time if I'm not going to blog, or if I'm super busy.

So yeah, I guess I'm still kind of pathetic.

DES also asked: How many times a day do you sit and say "Oh, I should post about this!"?

Not that often actually. I used to a lot, but not so much anymore. Really only my "Note to Idiot" posts come to me that way anymore.

Note to Self: If I still haven't answered your question from that post yet, I'm going to try to get to it soon.... see?! Pathetic!!!


teeni said...

Note to Idiot posts must be plentiful based on all the idiots there are. I enjoy all of your posts though. And I just now realized your wedding blog link so I'll be stalking you over there too when I can. :)

Dorkys R. said...

Ooh I guess that post was before I "met" you. Looking forward to more answers. (Good idea by the way!)

Franco said...

a lot of people leave their blogs for the weekends, it saddens me :(

we are all pathetic dear, don't cha worry

VE said...

Hey, I missed the Q&A post. I was probably holding out for the T&A one. But oh well. Let's see. If you were a celebratramp, what would you do to continue to stay in the paparazzi news?

kweenmama said...

Like franco said, a lot of us leave our blogs for the weekend. And I'm pretty sure we're all pathetic in some way. Maybe that's why we blog????

MJ said...

Teeni - Sweet! I can always use more stalking...

Dorkys - I'll probably do another in the future. Meanwhile, if you do think up a question, feel free to shoot it at me at any time.

Franco - I think patheticism is a prerequisite to blogging. And yes, I just made that word up.

VE - Flash my T&A of course.

KM - Exactly.