Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Funday!

As always, I'm always putting you guys in front of all the other important things in my life, like... work.... sleep... er... food.

Anywho, here's some fun links to end your weekend on a good note:

Have a blog? Try typing in your url to Wordle to see what words you use the most.

Andrea Joseph's Sketchblog - this girl has more talent than most of us dream of having.

How fast can you type? Find out at

Have you ever had one of those cakes that just didn't come out right?....Yeah.... me neither... but check out these - Cake Wrecks.

I'm also initiating another blogger onto the ever-growing blog list....

Everybody, welcome Alison from Dear Alison. Don't worry Alison, only some of my readers bite... but I won't tell you which ones.

Note to Self: Gotta get in another hour of sleeeeep....


Maki said...

Oh! I'll definitely check all of the links - Happy Sunday!! :)

colbymarshall said...

I tried to wordle my blog but my computer won't let me do sad ;-(

~alison said...

Awesome! Bring those fiesty readers of yours!!

Thanks for the add!

MJ said...

Maki - :)

CM - Check out the FAQ on it. I had to update my Java and restart the browser. Make sure you put the whole

Alison - No problem. I'm sure they'll start heading your way soon.

teeni said...

Ooh -I've done that typing test before but I will have to do it again.

KPDWife said...

the cake wreck site is awesome.. LOL... love it!