Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Panther's Daily Schedule

At the request of Colby, I give you Panther's daily schedule (as written by Panther):

3:00AM - Bark at noise. Run back to bed to protect mom from whatever she's yelling at. Snuggle and back to sleep.
6:05AM - Becoming restless. Give mom impromptu kisses (she loves that). Mom is now awake and wants to play. Bite hands, lick face, jump on head until she finally sits up and scratches my belly.
6:15AM - Walkies! I get to take my time finding the perfect spot. Race mom back to the front door.
6:25AM - Scratch on *Ollie's door. Mom insists I let him sleep, so I follow her back to our room.
6:30AM - Mom's in the shower, so I alternate between chewing on the basket on the floor, eating the bone she gave me, and jumping on the side of the tub trying to get to mom.
6:40AM - Mom gets out of the shower and surveys the great job I did of decorating the floor with basket parts. She lovingly picks up the pieces so I can have a clean slate tomorrow.
6:45AM - Bark at upstairs neighbor. Mom yells at him too, screaming "no!" really loud.
6:50AM - Mom turns on and points that loud air thing at her head. I love it when she points it at me, so I run between her legs to get her to do it again.
6:55AM - Hide bone so Ollie can't find it.
7:00AM - Mom woke up Ollie!! Play on Ollie's bed until his mom pushes us off. Then run around the apartment until we hear that familiar sound...
7:05AM - Foooooooooooooooooooooooood!!!!
7:15AM - Steal mom's sunglasses or Ollie's mom's underwear. They love chasing us around the apartment!
- Mom is now dressed and ready for play! Let the game of chase begin!
7:35AM - Mom is yelling, having a good time chasing me around the apartment.
7:40AM - She caught me. She said something about "being late." She kissed me and put me in my neat cave with my favorite frog cuddle buddy and blanket. I bark because I hear her leave and I want her to come back.
8:00AM - Too tired to bark anymore. Sleep.
12:30PM - Mom's still not home. Bark at a noise upstairs. Sleep again.
5:30PM - Wake at the sound of the front door opening.
- Mom's home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Walkies! Walkies! Walkies! Walkies!
5:42PM - Back inside. Mom gives me a treat for being a good boy. Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
6:30PM - Dad's here!!!!!!! I jump on him until he reaches down and scratches my belly.
7:00PM - Mom puts our food bowl down, but dad's food smells better. I sit by him and give my cutest puppy look in hopes he will give me some. He doesn't. Try mom. Success! Go back to playing.
9:30PM - Mom leaves with dad. I hope they come back.
9:50PM - Mom comes back without dad, and she takes me outside before bed.
10:00PM - Lick mom's leg while she gets ready for bed. She looks like she needs more kisses.
10:10PM - Keep licking until she reaches down and scratches behind my ears.
10:25PM - Play with mom on the bed until I find the perfect spot to curl up.
10:45PM - Mom and I watch t.v. until we fall asleep.
11:00PM - Readjust when mom moves.

Note to Self:
Thanks for the idea Colby! And thanks for having me over this weekend - your new house is lovely, and so are all your friends!

*Ollie (Oliver) is my roommate's dog.


Aubrey said...

MJ, that was so cute!

colbymarshall said...

Aw, I'm so glad you guys came...it was fun! Also, thanks for Panther's schedule. I have been waiting on tenterhooks.

livininsanity said...

This is great information for your stalkers and/or potential stalkers... good thinking.

SarahM said...

awww so cute !:)

MJ said...

Aubrey - Thanks. It's all true.

CM - Tenterhooks eh? I hope you haven't been sitting on them...

Livin - I know. Just what I need, more stalkers...

SM - Thanks! He takes after his mom ;)

colbymarshall said...

Oh, MJ....HAHAHAHA! That comment was funnier than you thought it was. Or...did you?

pure evyl said...

The pic looks like a mugshot. What's Panther guilty of?

K Trainor said...

Awwwww. Your doggie is just too cute. Love the name Panther, too. :D

MJ said...

CM - I dunno. I think I need to do a post on the word tenterhooks, because it seems like a lot of people are using it lately...

PE - He killed a man in Reno... just to watch him die...

K - There's a whole post somewhere about how he got his name. If I can dig it up, I'll repost it.

Dalia said...

People should read this.