Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Note to Readers:

I'm having an open call for questions in the comments!

Have a personal question or need advice?
Want to know how I get my hair to look so luscious?
Would you like to hear about the worst job I ever had?
I'm all ears (not literally, obviously, because then I wouldn't have luscious hair)!

Ask away, and your question and answer could end up as a blog post!
(At this point in time you should be thinking AWESOME! My question could be featured on MJ's blog! That would totally be the coolest thing ever!!)

What does the inside of my closet look like?
How good am I at aiming my .38?
Do I have any hobbies?

Ask me anything!
I really need some blog material...


Helen said...

What's your undergrad major and how did you end up working on your MBA? What brought you to this point? And what do you want to do with it once you're finished?

Maki said...

It's kind of personal, but how long have you and your boyfriend been together??? How did you two meet???

colbymarshall said...

What? You didn't like my previous suggestions? Shrug. Um...okay...question: why do you think the chicken crossed the road? I mean, I speculated on this on my own blog a LOOOONG time ago, but I'd like your take.

MJ said...

Helen - Great question! I'll definitely write about that. Probably tomorrow.

Maki - That's not that personal. I will do a post on this tomorrow probably.

CM - Oh, I'll be doing the other one too. Don't worry. I take any material given to me. LOL. Hmmm, I'll have to think about this one. I'll do your posts today.

DES said...

ooo! desperation *rubs hands together* :P

I suppose my question is 2 part...

What was your most pathetic blogging moment? *a post so stupid your hand hovered over the edit/delete button*

How many times a day do you sit and say..."oh...I should POST about this!"

Seriously...I've gotten to low points in my life where I've 'written' a personal ad for a mitten (single male mitten looking for a mate)! Then there was a day I scanned a knife that got melted in my dishwasher (yep...desperate days). (etc etc pathetic imagination has no end!)


DES...caretaker to strange thoughts

MJ said...

DES - Oh, that's a good question. I will have to do some research for that one.

LeoHubby - Sarah said...

Ok, if you could have one super hero power, what would it be?

If you could change one thing about your childhood - but it changed you as a person as a result, what would it be?

KPDWife said...

If I gave you $500 cash, right now, and you had to use it TODAY, what would you use it for.

(putting in bank is NOT an acceptable answer, you must spend it)

TheVinylVillager said...

What started you blogging? Is this your first blog?

What is the single biggest regret of your life?

MJ said...

LEOHubby - One question at a time crazy lady! Just kidding. I'm saving these for next week.

KPD - You have to make it all hard now don't you... Okay fine. I'm going to hold you in suspense until next week then. :p

VV - Wow. Random question and then you get all philosophical. You feelin' okay?