Monday, September 15, 2008

Epic Fail... Wait... Win?

As many of you know, I haven't been in love with my job for quite some time now. It's boring, and I rarely have anything to do that takes more than two brain cells to accomplish. Hence, all the time I spend blogging.

My job is a marketing and administrative assistant position, and when I first took it, there was a lot of room for creativity and project growth. Well, I have been here for over a year now, and I'm bored. Admin is no longer giving me anything useful to do, and I'm wasting my degree.

Last week, the big boss called me into his office along with my supervisor and announced to me that he would be cutting my hours starting in October from a full-time position to a part time position only working three days a week. Basically, he wants to cut my paycheck in half.

Let's put this into some perspective. I barely make enough to get by as it is, and he wants to cut my hours in half, take away my benefits, and take away all my earned holiday pay...

Anyway, he continued saying that it wasn't my fault, that the position was a newly created one when I took it, and that I had completed all of the projects that he had for that position.

I had worked myself out of a full-time job.

I told them that this would be unacceptable, that the pay would not allow me to cover my finances, and that I would be looking for a position elsewhere in the meantime. I told him I understood that it was a good business decision, and he told me that he understood why I would need to look for a new job.

The part that amazes me is that many people have held this same job before (so it's not "new"). One person who had this job before held it for quite a few years before they "promoted" her to another department. She was very inefficient at this job and was really good at sucking up - two things that I am not. Great company policy - make your job look tedious and you get to keep it.

Amazing. Oh well. So, I'm actively searching for a new job now. I've already applied for one job, and I'm still searching. The job market in my area really sucks right now by the way.

Note to Self: So if anyone in the mid-Georgia area needs someone with marketing experience, a good sense of humor, and half an MBA, who can efficiently use the computer and make your company look good, I'm your man, er, woman.


Maki said...

Aww, that sucks! I think so many people are going through the same crap. Your boss couldn't even come up w/ a decent explanation. It's a bull! I'm sure though that as talented and smart person you are, you'll find a better job!!! Good luck!!!

Sornie said...

Ouch. Much like my design job where our department as a whole had our hours cut with the line "at least nobody was laid off". Yippee. Hope you land a new gig sooN!

KPDWife said...

Aw.. I'm sorry MJ.

But like you said, you've been unhappy there for quite sometime and this could be Gods way of forcing you into the job he has in store for you.

Stay positive and Good luck!


pure evyl said...

Hopefully you can find something worthy of your talents. And kudo's for not sucking up. I hate brown nosers.

Mahala said...

Dang.. are you sure we don't work for the same company? I've been cut back to "part time" for a couple of months now, after sticking by "the man" for over 12 years.

Peter Parkour said...

Way to go on the anti suck-up movement. ;) I hope you find a job worthy of your talents in a timely manner. :) But... you'll still be blogging... right? ;)

colbymarshall said...

Dang it! Well, maybe a good thing in the long run? I'll let you know if I hear about anything!

Significant Snail said...

It's interesting how employers want us to be reliable and dependable and yet they are not. And save me the bullshit excuse - I'm not stupid!

Good luck to you in your search - hopefully it will be a short one.

MJ said...

Maki - I sure hope so!

Sornie - Yuck. It's true that it's nice they didn't just fire you, but it still stinks.

KPD - Yup. I was thinking this must be a major kick in the butt. It's like God has been telling me for quite some time, and this time he got tired of trying to be subtle :D

PE - I hate brown nosers too. You just want to shake them!

Mahala - I know! It stinks. Maybe we both need new jobs.

PP - I hope so! It might be a little more scarce, but I hope to still be able to blog.

CM - Thanks, Colby! I could definitely use the help.

SS - Thanks! Yeah, it is a bs excuse, but it is a good business decision if you think about it. Doesn't mean it doesn't still suck though.

SarahM said...

move to NYC. I will hire you.

im sorry to hear it, but its a forced move, and i know you wanted to move for a while, so maybe this is your shot.

like i said. Move to NYC.