Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Energy and Environment

Here’s another riveting edition of Presidential Posts!

The topic today is energy and environmental policy.

John McCain: McCain supports research for alternative fuels and supports stricter emissions control, as shown by his voting for an emissions plan in 1998. He is against drilling in Alaska and is in support of developing nuclear power. He wants to end commercial whaling. During his tenure as senator, he has put 3.5 billion acres of land into environmental protection.

Sarah Palin: Palin doesn’t believe that global warming is manmade. She is for drilling in Alaska, and as governor has helped lay the pipeline to harvest natural gas. She is also for drilling offshore. She wants to take both beluga whales and polar bears off the endangered species list.

Barack Obama: Obama is against both offshore drilling and drilling in Alaska. He is for nuclear power if it can be proven to be clean and safe. He wants to strengthen laws against animal fighting and “protect natural resources.”

Joe Biden: Biden is against drilling in Alaska, and he wants to give tax incentives for energy production and conservation. He wants to end commercial whaling and strengthen laws against animal fighting.

Note to Self: This post brought to you by OnTheIssues.org.
My grade for each –
McCain: A
Palin: F
Obama: B+
Biden: C+


Matt said...

I like this post and I friggin HATE Palin.

What I dont like about McCains energy plan is that he says he plans to increase wind, tide & solar energy (renewable energy) but has no money put aside for it. He also fails to realize how important energy is.

and he's been in bed with big oil. That bothers me alot.


pure evyl said...

Is Obama really for anything?

Oh that's right change. Perhaps he should just get a piggy bank.

MJ said...

Matt - The problem with energy policy to me is that it is really slow to initiate. It's expensive to change energy policy, and as much as the American people "demand" change, we are pretty stuck in our ways. I mean come on, we cry because gas goes up $1, but we keep driving our big trucks and huge SUVs and keep our thermostats at a nice and comfy level. Even though alternates are out there (electric cars for example), they are still inefficient and expensive. So until something cheaper than our $4/gallon gas comes along, things won't change. That is the one good thing that comes out of higher gas prices - companies have an incentive to innovate.

Thanks for the link. Good stuff.
I too am not so enamored with Palin these days.

MJ said...

PE - I think we could distract him with a cute puppy maybe. I'm sure that he's not for the kicking of cute puppies....right?

Peter Parkour said...

Does that "F" Stand for "Fart Knocker"? :P

Maki said...

I honestly believe that we need to come up with alternative resources for energy. If Palin thinks global warming is not manmade and drilling is the way to go, then your grade for her makes perfect sense!! We need more clean energy - Hawaii is trying to do that by using wind, tide & solar system and I know it's possible, but like you said it costs ton of $$$. Wonderful post!!!

colbymarshall said...

PALIN LOSES! YAY! Lol...yes, let's take the whales off the endangered species list, so that way, when she kills them all drilling offshore, maybe people won't notice...teehee.

Matt said...

I dont want to be argumentative on your blog (that I really do love)but Just for the record...

I've never kicked a puppy.

MJ said...

PP - I think it stands for "fucking the environment."

Maki - Right! There are so many good options, but we have to be willing to fork over the cash.

CM - Hasn't save the whales been a mantra for, well, forever? I remember my class adopting a whale in elementary school (back in California).

Matt - It's good to know you're on my side then :D

dougsbike said...

As long as nobody stops me from fighting my roosters I'm okay, but don't you dare take my livelihood away from me.

MJ said...

DB - Yeah, we wouldn't want to take away your glory of beating the crap out of dogfighters...