Thursday, September 25, 2008

Eeny Meeny Miney Mo...

Catch a tiger by the toe... er... what?

Humorous Pictures

Okay, so maybe not.

Colby came up with an interesting idea for this rhyme when I used it in a meme post yesterday:

Eeny - What are the smallest things you can think of that make you happy?
Dark chocolate Hershey Kisses are pretty small, they make me happy. There's a little crack in my windshield, and every day it makes me happy that it doesn't spread. My shoes fit every morning. I have to say it's kind of nice to be able to count on that.

Meeny - What are some mean things you've done in the past year that you feel, however, were totally justified?
The woman who previously held my position at work (generally I refer to her as my nemesis), is supposed to help me with a lot of things - like planning events, etc. Well, she gets lazy and doesn't want to help and shirks everything off on me a lot - stating that she's "just too busy" even thought she stands around talking half the day. Well, last time she asked me for some help with a report, I told her I was "just too busy" and spent the rest of the day blogging. This person also happens to have a ridiculous amount of files still stored in MY desk. So in the last few weeks (since I found out my job hours are getting cut), I've thrown away about half of them that I deem "unnecessary." She hasn't noticed yet, but I predict a screaming match when she does. *shrug*

Miney - What are some things that you own that you aren't willing to share with others?
I'm a freak about sharing, because I always want things returned to me promptly and in the same or better condition in which I gave them to you. I hate letting people borrow my books. Some people read a book and then give it away or throw it in a box somewhere. Not me. A finished book is a triumph for me. I want to keep it and save it for the massive library I plan to have once I'm rich.

Mo - What celebrity surprised you when they came out of the closet?
None have surprised me really. Ellen, well ya know... That random backstreet boy, who didn't see that coming?... And this morning, they announced on CNN that Clay Aiken finally admits he's gay. Really? I didn't know otherwise. He would have had to announce he was straight for me to think he wasn't gay. No surprises really.

In a recent post, I had an open call for reader questions, and Colby asked: Why do you think the chicken crossed the road?
Well Colby, let me start at the beginning. Mr. Chicken, or I should say, Agent Cluck works for a little known group, E.G.G.S. (the Enclave of Great Grouse Spies), an organization so fowl it cannot be spoken of here. He was crossing the road, dear Colby, because he was running from the ticking time bomb that he planted in the slaughterhouse behind him. He would get just far enough away to do one of those exaggerated action movie leaps as the building explodes. And that's why he crossed to road.

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Note to Self: Go see the reason Colby thought the chicken crossed the road... poor naive Colby :D


VE said...

OMG...Clay's gay???? Next you'll be telling me George Clooney is gay...

I liked the chicken answer. I never did trust those chickens. They all tasted the same...

merc3069 said...

LOL about the loaning books comment. I am a freak. I don't even want you to crease it. I also determine what I think is a reasonable amount of time to have read said book and if you keep it longer, your chances of getting another start to diminish.

Dr Zibbs said...

The smallest things that make me happy are my little plastic homies.

birdpress said...

I hate sharing my stuff too, but I like sharing books. If I kept them all I would have a ton of clutter around my house, which I hate, so generally I give them away when I'm done.

This is kind of off topic, but I hate when people read my magazines before I read them. Does that bother you too?

the Grit said...

Hi MJ,

I'll play.

Eeny - alcohol molecules.

Meeny - Sorry, the statute of limitations hasn't run on that yet.

Miney - My crepe skillet and chefs knife.

Mo - All celebrities aren't gay? Dang!

the Grit

Savvy Mode SG said...

oh my gosh, i am such a freak about loaning stuff to people, except for family of course. once i went to a christie auction and got this beautiful catalogue which cost me $50 only to have a friend borrow it and her boss marked all over the book. i was sooooo pissed off.

writer chick said...

Hey MJ,
Thanks for the laughs, God knows I needed them today. I must say I especially loved your approach at handling your nemisis - throwing those folders away was pure brilliance. I only wish I'd have thought of that when I had one.

K Trainor said...

You have to WARN a person before displaying an evil chicken on your site. I nearly shat myself.

(Ok, not really.)

colbymarshall said...

I'm so glad you decided to use my eeny meny minie mo post idea- YAY! I feel so validated :-)

MJ said...

VE - George Clooney is gay?...wait...what?

Merc - True. I will loan out one to someone, but they lose privileges pretty quickly.

Zibbs - Is that like the little plastic home-ies you find in a monopoly game? Or is it that you have some little plastic friends somewhere? Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Birdpress - I keep all my books neat and tidy on a bookshelf. I actually have some nice classic books an a few antiques. I only hate it when people read my magazines before me if they start talking to me about the articles before I've read them.

Grit - "alcohol molecules" That's a good one!

Savvy - Oh, man, I would have so mad too! Thanks for stopping by!

WC - I just can't stand having all that crap around! Pissing her off was just a nice side effect :)

K Trainor - My bad. I'll try to use a disclaimer next time :D

CM - :D I'm glad, it was fun.

teeni said...

Sorry so late in getting here - I have lots of catchup to do but this was a great post. Loved reading every bit of it. :) You crack me up with some of your answers, especially the egg.