Monday, September 22, 2008

Calling In Favors

Well, not yet, but eventually.

The past few week have been crazy since my roommate bought a house. The whole thing had to be repainted (all three floors with four bedrooms, two dens, two bathrooms, kitchen, and a ridiculous amount of closets). Plus, the entire back yard had to be practically bulldozed. Half of the floors still have to be done. The house was a mess to say the least, but she got a good deal, and she has such thoughtful friends (*ahem*) and family that we've gotten all the major stuff done already.
She's been thanking me tons for spending the majority of the last two weekends over there working, but I'm pretty quick to say "Don't worry, I'll call in a favor some day."

So I give you...

The Top Ten Favors I Will Ask In The Future

(10) Do my laundry
(9) Re-landscape my yard
(8) Babysit Panther, tending to his every whim
(7) Remove the token obnoxious, drunk girl from all my parties
(6) Bitch slap all teenage boys who hit on me
(5) Write wedding invitation addresses in calligraphy (Don't think I forgot Colby, lol)
(4) Become my personal driver - yes, you have to wear the outfit and the hat too
(3) Become my personal assistant - must be able to withstand insults and tell me how awesome I am upon command
(2) Paint a house that I buy, no fewer than four bedrooms

and the number one favor I may call on in the future...
(1) Kill the person of my choice

Well at least the house is almost finished, and covering up teal paint, dark brown trim, wood paneling, and baby shit yellow walls was totally worth the effort.

Note to Self:
I'm still picking paint out from under my fingernails, and I think the smell is still stuck in my nose. Ick.


SarahM said...

hmm... one day, i may ask a favor of you... ( in my best godfather voice)

colbymarshall said...

I haven't forgotten, either, and when the time comes, I shall do it ;-)

Sornie said...

If you have someone willing to kill another, keep on that person's good side.

The Incredible Woody said...

For #1, do you have someone in mind??

pure evyl said...

Good thing I am not a teenager.

MJ said...

SM - I'm assigning you the favor of walking me around NY if I ever get there. I guess if you ever want to come to my town in the middle of the nowheresville, then I'll show you around here :D

CM - Hooray!

Sornie - Oh, yeah, no problem.

TIW - No on specific just yet. It kind of changes from day to day.

PE - LOL. Good thing.

teeni said...

Wow - you really ARE a great friend. That's a lot of work. But it is so awesome that you helped her out that way.

the Grit said...

Hi Mj,

I might be available for items 7, 6 (and I would give you a discount on this one,) 4 (although I would have to be guaranteed a certain number of high speed chases or such,) and 1. Of course, you must know that my services don't come cheap ;)

the Grit

Formerly Fun said...

One of my fav quotes ever,

good friends help you move,

great friends help you move the body

I don't know calligraphy per se but I have rocken pretty 'envelope' handwriting and I will address shit for you anyday.

MJ said...

Teeni - Thanks! I'm still sore from all the bending and reaching lol.

Grit - I think I could guarantee those chases. I'll get the cop to chase us through downtown - that should be fun!

MJ said...

FF - Sweet! Maybe a free waxing? LOL.

K Trainor said...

What a great friend you are! Oh, I'd totally call in those favors later on, too. :D