Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Update On The Cop

He's doing much better.

The last time he went to the doc, he got the good news that his leg wouldn't have to be casted because it is healing so well on its own. They also gave him one of those nifty boots.

Overall, they are predicting a much faster recovery than previously expected. While normal people would still be incapacitated, he apparently has some kind of super-human powers that allow him to heal quickly. He can take the boot off to shower, sleep, etc., and he can also take it off to do some rehab in the pool.

He's on light duty now, taking ridiculous phone calls. If you can imagine some of the stupid things cops get called out for, just imagine the insane things that don't warrant a cop responding. Those are the phone calls he gets.

His first day at a desk, a guy walked in to complain about an "insufficient report" taken by an officer. He said he almost couldn't hold back the laughter when he realized it was a report that he had written. The guy walked out understanding that the report was, in fact, perfectly sufficient.

Note to Self: Having some writer's block lately, so I'll do my best to squeeze something out today.


SarahM said...

im so happy to hear that.
Its carzy how our men have superhuman healing powers, but not so much when it comes to doin chores..

"oh, honey, i broke my foot, i cant take out the garbage today!!"

the Grit said...

Hi MJ,

Glad to hear of the cop's amazing healing powers. Oh, I have friends in the bio-tech industry who would probably pay good money, ah, be interested in some of his blood and a tissue sample. Email me.

the Grit

Peter Parkour said...

Glad to hear you cop is on his way to an extra speedy recovery.

thevinylvillage said...

Ive got writers block the past few days too...
in fact, Ive got "block" where just about everything is concerned. I just wanna sleep and eat.

MJ said...

SM - I know! And it's awful with him because he can't drive!

Grit - I will gladly oblige them with tissue samples for a small (read: huuuge) fee.

PP - Me too. The sooner I can stop toting his butt everywhere, the happier I will be.

VV - Hmmm, sleep and eat. That sounds good to me right about now.