Sunday, August 17, 2008

Olympics who?

So, I've been watching some of the Olympic events, mostly swimming and diving. I even caught some of the women's weightlifting. The US had this cute little mid-thirties mom who weighed only 117 lbs.... but she could lift over 200 lbs over her head in the clean-and-jerk competition. That would be like me lifting the cop. Craziness.

Anywho, the Chinese are all upset because no one is going to the events.

Well, gee, I am so sorry, China. I just couldn't shell out the money to buy a ticket, go over there, be hassled by all your regulations, and then have internet restrictions to the point of not being able to write back to my dear grandma about my experiences with your abusive regime.

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

How about you banned international religious leaders from being available to athletes... indoctrination much???

How about you cheat at events... you can't even fudge that those girls are competition age! These are games for goodness sake! It's not life or death!!!

How about you left a bad taste in my mouth over the whole Tibet thing.... yeah I didn't forget about that just because Phelps is kicking everyone's ass in swimming.

Sorry, we just didn't feel like it this year... maybe in four years.

Note to Self: Not to mention you told some cute little girl she was too ugly to be in the opening games, and then you told some other little girl she couldn't sing worth crap and would have to lip sync... REALLY?

Thanks to Hot Air and The Vinyl Villager


Anonymous said...

I can't help but feel smug. For all their fakery and attempts at making themselves look good--they've only shown the world what fools they are.

pure evyl said...

Yep, they're fucktards.

Peter Parkour said...

Yeah, what VV and Evyl said, only with more hand gestures of the not so friendly kind. :)

K Trainor said...

The caption on that pic is priceless. :P

Yeah, China--not real high on my list of places to go before I die. (But then who am I kidding? Not real interested in seeing the Olympics, either. I'd rather go stretch out on a beach somewhere. lol!)

Anonymous said...

China's complaining that no one's attending?!? Aren't there 4 billion people in China? Seriously.

Anyway, yes, I'm holding out for London in 2012.

MJ said...

VV - True. As if we already didn't know that by their blind fascination with all things American (sheesh).

PE - :D

PP - LOLOLOLOL. Very appropriate.

K - I agree. When they have the Olympics in Jamaica, I'll go then.

Livin - :) My sentiments exactly. London sounds good. Maybe by 2012 I could afford the plan ticket.

colbymarshall said...

Let me just gear up the private jet to fly over for the Olympics. Want to come? Oh wait...I forgot I don't have a private jet.

MJ said...

CM - What do you mean you don't have a jet?! I gave you one for Christmas last year! Did you crash it already??? :p

floridagirlinsydney said...

All exactly what I was thinking!
Love the photo-- your blog is hilarious. Came to you thru Ask and Ye...

MJ said...

FGS - Glad you found me! Thanks for stopping by - y'all come back now y'hear!