Thursday, August 21, 2008

Note to Idiots

Dear person who ran into the gate at my apartment complex,

I realize that with a small brain capacity it is hard to understand that you should not go in the out gate, but next time, please try really hard to remember that.

I'm not sure if you were drunk or not, considering it happened between the hours of 7 and 9 AM, but I sure hope you have a good explanation for railing the gate head on as it was closing.

Thanks to you, the out gate didn't work for a solid week. They had to replace the motor on the thing, and now we have an ugly, bent up gate.

I'd really like to know who you are so I could see how badly your car was totaled after that incident, as I know it was because of all the silver paint you left behind as the gate scratched down the length of your car.

Those scratches are the sign of your stupidity,

Note to Self:
The funny part is that there are no sensors on the "wrong" side of the gate, so if it starts closing on your car, it's not stopping...


Sornie said...

It sounds like this idiot got what they deserved.

colbymarshall said...

Somehow it is amazing how many people run into apartment complex'd think they'd have figured it out by now.

Matt said...

"Those scratches are the sign of your stupidity"

Great Line.

Anonymous said...

This is great! I've wanted to write MANY letters like this. Maybe I'll start doing it on my blog too...

Cary said...

No doubt the same kind of dipshits who run the light at the top of my street long after it has changed from yellow to red. I've followed more than one of these tools to the next light and given them a loud and profane earful. Not safe, I guess, but fuck it.

teeni said...

It's too bad their vehicle has to suffer for their idiocy. ;)

Anonymous said...

Why is this a week late?

K Trainor said...

The person didn't even call the apartment management or the police or anyone? :S Some folks have no class.

MJ said...

Sornie - No kidding. I figure if the gate was this bad, their car must be awful.

CM - No kidding. People are so impatient.

Matt - :D

KM - You should. It's a great release.

Cary - You should carry a gun in your car like I do lol - then it's safe.

teeni - Yeah, but I still hope the car is totaled.

Livin - I just thought of it since the gate was fixed that morning.

K - Oh no. Nobody called that I'm aware of. The office people were driving through the complex looking for damaged cars, but I'm guessing whoever hit it stayed away that day because they never found them. No class is right.

Anonymous said...

Please be more timely next time. :)