Friday, August 1, 2008


Another one, because I'm bored - from Girly...

I am: Extremely bored with my work
I think:
"Administrative assistant" is a cover up for "secretary"
I know:
The friends that stick around through everything are the ones worth keeping
I have:
The cutest puppy on the planet
I wish:
I had the motivation to exercise
I hate:
Stupid people
I miss:
My uncle
I fear:
I hear:
A really loud air conditioning and the tapping of my fingers on the keyboard
I smell:
The stale air of my office
I crave: A few good nights of uninterrupted rest cuddled up to the cop
I search: For a new job
I wonder:
If I will ever be settled
I regret:
Not making more time for myself in the past
I love:
My boyfriend, my puppy, my roommate, my family, blogging, lazy Sundays
I ache:
For something, anything new
I am not:
What you wish me to be
I believe: Happiness is a snuggly puppy who loves you unconditionally
I dance:
After I've stretched, so I don't kill myself
I sing:
Alone, in the car, really LOUD
I cry:
When I’m really mad
I fight:
When I feel like I have to
I win:
When I consider something a success
I lose:
Hope sometimes
I never:
Enjoy being angry
I always:
Want a kiss and a tall Newcastle
I confuse:
Sadness and fear
I listen: To Dropkick Murphy when I'm upset
I can usually be found:
At work or sleeping
I am scared:
Of the future
I need:
I am happy about:
How well I have done for myself so far
I imagine:
Running away sometimes - just moving away, finding a new job, and starting all over again
I tag:
when I'm "it" - but since I'm not, I won't

Note to Self:
Now what...?


Peter Parkour said...

Sounds like if it weren't for the cop and the pup you might be in a straight jacket. I hope things start looking up for you very soon.

Any pics of the pup? Just wondering. :)

MJ said...

PP - They do keep me sane!

Here's the last post I did with a pic of the pup: