Friday, August 15, 2008

A Little Secret

Sarah reminded me about a little dream I had about her the other day. The dream pretty much was about her being sued for copyright infringement for a stolen banner picture, and I was coming in to save the day with a very big (and very real) secret weapon of mine.

I'm registered with Stock.Xchng - a free site where aspiring photogs and designers share their work for free and a lot of times without requiring attribution (that way you're not cluttering up your blog).

Some of the submitters do want their works attributed to them, and some want notification of where there work was used (which can be done through the website really easily) - all of the works can only be used in non-profit projects (like this blog), otherwise you do have to pay royalties for use. For example, the pencils in my banner came from this site. I sent a link to my blog to the artist so that he can add it to his portfolio, and he doesn't make me clutter my banner with "Photo by yada yada".

It's an interesting website, and I recommend you check it out. There are tons of photos on every subject imaginable. I've spent a crazy amount of time just perusing the work.
Also, you can upload your own photos for other users to download - you can get feedback on your submissions and exposure for your portfolio!

Like, I know a certain someone who might want a cute donkey picture for their blog for free...

Note to Self:
So where do you guys get your pictures (besides Google images)?


pure evyl said...

Deviant Art is a good place to look.

Anonymous said...

I like your ass. ;)

~ alison said...

Good to know! Thx!

K Trainor said...

Cool! Thanks for the link love, MJ. I'll check it out.

I get mine from and also from

Morguefile licensing allows anyone to use the photos (although some photographers request you let them know where). Flickr doesn't have a blanket policy on usage, so I ask permission for all of those before use.

MJ said...

PE - Thanks for the tip.

Livin - :D It is cute, isn't it?

Alison - I'm here to help!

K - Good links thanks!