Friday, August 8, 2008

I just want you to know...

I just want my readers to know that I do keep up with the news.

I have paid really close attention to the election mudslinging going on.
I have heard all about the Nancy Pelosi debacle (and I'm not just talking about her failing book).
I have been anticipating the choosing of VPs, because I think those choices will be what make or break the candidates.
I have been concerned by the way we are viewed by our allies (and enemies) around the world.
I have feared that Iran, an already terroristic nation, will become even more powerful.
I have enjoyed watching Bill Clinton's struggle to continue to stay in the lime-light.

I have laughed at the complete and utter failure of Congress.
I have cringed at the thought of an unresolved energy crisis (but then again, I drive a Honda).

I have been outraged by the recent falling of our economic outlook.
I have listened to all the jabs between the candidates, and I find them to both be equally retarded in their own ways.

I have understood that no matter what any candidate says, like all the other politicians before them, they will do absolutely nothing to help create jobs, lower the cost of healthcare, establish a fair tax, fix the welfare system, insure social security, bolster education, solve our oil dependency, or do any of the other things they promise to do once in office.

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures

I tell you this, because I want you to know that I am keeping up with the issues.
I just don't talk about it, because the probable future failure of our nation is not funny to me.

Note to Self: God bless America.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of news... OOH, OOH, look at me on the left - Top Footnoter! I won something! There's a prize, right?

MJ said...

That would be on the right LOL. And no prizes (yet).

Anonymous said...

No, I'm dyslexic. It's the left. :)

SarahM said...

The news just makes me angry.

not to say i am not obsessed with every. stinkin.detail.