Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I have a lot going on at work today so blogging will be scarce, but I wanted to invite some new bloggers to the partay! Maybe I should call them bloggettes, bloggerellas, or she-bloggers... all I've found lately is awesome women bloggers (better step it up guys!):

Kweenmama's Kastle - This lady has a veritable zoo going on at her house. It's bad enough to make a nun want to cuss, but she handles it with grace and a little attitude. She shares amazing experiences and gives great advice for any family.

Give me something to write about! - Danielle doesn't post much, but what she does post is fun and creative. I've been watching her for a while, and I'm thoroughly enchanted.

Formerly Fun
- "Tales from a semi-vegetarian, part-time Buddhist, completely neurotic, mom (but it doesn't define me), brazilian waxer/aspiring writer suffering from crippling self-doubt." If that doesn't make you want to read her, there's something wrong with you. Her waxing stories will have you rolling in the aisle!

Note to Self: Welcome to the "club" ladies!


SarahM said...

Mj, Your Webpage is my Blogroll. i just Keep scrolling through-> keep em coming!

Matt said...

I wonder why there is so few Male bloggers...??

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for letting me be in the club! :-)

the Grit said...

Hi MJ,

I will definitely check out Formerly Fun, mostly because I just assumed that all Brazilian Waxers were men.

the Grit

MJ said...

SM - My blogroll is kind of long, but they are all super-worthy bloggers! I just can't help myself!

Matt - I don't know... I think there's a "women talk too much" joke in there somewhere...

KM - You're so very welcome! It's well deserved.

Grit - You would think so wouldn't you, considering the "location" of the work, but I have seen no evidence of this...