Saturday, July 26, 2008

Requests from Readers

I have some material to write about,but I wanted to field questions and suggestions from my readers for posts throughout the night.

Any suggestions?

Oh, and one more question...

Hey you. YEAH YOU.

Why haven't you donated yet?



the Grit said...

Hi MJ,

Yeah, show us your tits. Sorry, just felt obligated.

Seriously, I'd like to know what movies you have going. I'm always interested in finding out what other people find interesting.

As to donations, sorry, but I'm a poor farmer. Besides, we spend all our huge extra income (that, by the way, is a joke) on taking care of the horde of rescued animals we give a home to. Yeah, it's not as good a charity as some, but, if you could see the sad state that some of these dogs are in when we get them, well, sorry but I can't shoot them in the head.

Well, actually, I could, but I wouldn't sleep very well after doing so. Really, I could probably only bring myself to shoot some of them.

Dang but I'm a bad fibber. Truth be told, there are lots of people I'd plant in the back forty before I'd allow any of our pets to come to harm.

Still, it equates to my being all tapped out. Sorry.

the Grit

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you still haven't told me what DVD's you'll be watching tonight. (Maybe you have, but there is no easy way for me to find out.) Ahem.

MJ said...

Grit - I understand completely. Being a broke college student myself, I can sympathize with your broke-ness. Having you hang out with me is donation enough.

Kudos to you for taking in the animals - I too generally have more compassion for my furry friends than for my fellow man. My cop tells stories of wanting to "plant" people in our "back forty" when he finds abused animals. There's a special ring in hell, I always say.

the Grit said...

Hi MJ,

The things people do to these dogs is beyond my ability to describe. Your cop has my support in how to deal with these "people." As to the special place in hell, we can only hope.

Now, just to lighten things up, at least show your cop your tits, and let him post about the experience :)

the Grit

colbymarshall said...

I vote for this post: we had a discussion tonight in our dressing room about weird things we used to believe as children (example: I used to think if I didn't get my tonsils taken out that I would get some weird disease when I got odler). So, did you have any strange things like that going on?

Also, tell me about any freaky OCD habits you might have. Mine is associating people with colors, and someone else I know counts letters in words freakishly fast. Do you do "mental things" (LOL! I KNOW YOU DO!)

MJ said...

You're bouncing around all over!!!
LOL - Good ideas, I will definitely use those tonight.