Friday, July 4, 2008


*ring* *ring* *ring*

(voice message)

Hello, blog readers!

I am out of state and away from my computer right now!
I hope your July 4th holiday is treating you well. I am in Florida visiting family, probably drinking beer and trying not to blow my appendages off with fireworks. Hurray for patriotism!

Today, keep in mind that if it weren't for all those men and women, past and present, sacrificing their lives for our national freedoms, we would not be able to spend this great holiday weekend in feasting, imbibery, and debauchery into extreme excess. Hurray for the USA!

Seriously, I hope you are having a good weekend, and I hope you come through it without any major burns.
Have a happy Fourth!

Note to Self:
Should you have any smart-alec comments for me, please leave them after the beep.



K Trainor said...

May you return home with a well-deserved throbber and all of your fingers. Enjoy your debauchery!

MJ said...

K - Thanks! Right back atcha!