Saturday, July 26, 2008


Over at the Day of Blogs, this question was posed: Who is your modern day hero and why?

I write this as if it won't sound like a total cliche, but it's cops.
Not the "dirty" cops that everyone sees in the news. The ones that really care about you, your safety, and the safety of your children.

My cop doesn't pull you over to hassle you, he pulls you over to "inspire" you to make safer decisions for yourself and others by not speeding, wearing your seatbelt, etc.

He doesn't risk his life every day to abuse his power. He risks his life because other people can't or won't.

Over a hundred police officers were killed last year in the line of duty, and this nation is well on its way to matching that number this year. See the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund website for more info.

My cop happens to work in the state with the 4th highest number of officer fatalities. Does it scare me? You bet it does. But more than fear, I am proud of what he does for this city. I feel safe knowing I have someone like him watching over me, my friends, and my family.

And he is the reason why I support the HUGS program.


Anonymous said...

I thought this post was going to be about the show - what a tease. (Double entendre intended.)

MJ said...

Never seen the show, although I've heard it's good. So sorry to disappoint...

Anonymous said...

Hi MJ,

The best rendition of that play I ever attended, along with a bunch of my college buddies, was in a run down theater in Knoxville, Tn. While the play itself wasn't that good, the theater was one where all sorts of less than upstanding individuals went to get off the street. We were just about to leave about half way through, to escape the smell, when one of the low lives tried to grab a feel off one of the women with us, which started a most fabulous fight, that quickly escalated into a general brawl.

Good times; good times.

Mister Manly

MJ said...

Ah, yes. There's nothing like a good ass grabbing to start a little scuffle!!