Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So, since some of you had asked, I figured I would give you more details on the cop's injury.

He went out this weekend on a guy's camping trip while I stayed home to do my blogathon. One of the guys that went with them is a police trainee, and my cop was showing him how to do some take-down moves.

Well, he got to this one kind of take-down, and instead of showing him how to do it, he essentially showed him how not to do it. The guy he was throwing stepped right on his ankle and they both went tumbling.

So he ended it up with a lovely dislocated ankle, torn ligaments, and some breaking and fracturing. They did surgery on him on Sunday. They put in some pins and a plate to hold it all together, so hopefully casting won't be involved in this process anytime.

He went home from the hospital yesterday. He's still in quite a bit of pain, but he's finally able to get up and around on crutches for short periods. He'll be out service for a while until he can sit up for longer periods of time.

His sergeant told me they would find him some light duty (aka. boring desk job) until he gets better and can go back on the road. Until he can go back to work, they are getting some sick time donated to him so he can hopefully stay out as long as he needs.

Note to Self:
Thanks you guys for all your good thoughts and prayers :)


K Trainor said...

Ouch! Bet it was no fun dragging ass outta the woods, either. Glad he's doing ok with it. *hug*

SarahM said...

Im glad to hear hes ok, and it was not a work injury. yay for his boss being awesome about it. its scary getting hurt and not being able to work, but as i always say, sometimes all you can do is be thankful it wasnt worse.

I am thinking of your Dear Dear cop today. Send him my love. ( in a strictly platonic way, of course;) )

girlydigs said...

Glad he's ok.. hope he heals quickly.

Matt said...

Ouch. I hope for a speedy recovery!

the Grit said...

Hi MJ,

Well that's good news. You should, however, try and keep the incident quiet before the Nanny State crowd hears about it and attempts to ban camping :)

the Grit

Peter Parkour said...

Glad to hear he's on the mend and that it wasn't too too serious. I wish him a speedy recovery. ;)

MJ said...

K - I know! Luckily he has some good, strong friends who were willing to carry his butt out.

SM - It definitely could have been worse.Thanks for the good thoughts!

Girly and Matt - Me too. Who else am I going to play footsey with?

Grit - True. They'll start touting the harm of campfire smoke and the evils of "pitching tents" LOL.

PP - Thanks!