Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Slap A Moron Day - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Slap A Moron Day

Who can be slapped on Slap A Moron Day?
Any person deemed a “moron” by general society can and should be slapped on Slap A Moron Day. A sheet for tabulating Moronic Value will be given out prior to the event for easy identification of the slap worthy population. Slapees could include anyone from your mother, your children, other people’s children, your dentist, your boss, that guy that stares at you on the bus, or even you. Everyone has the potential to be slapped on Slap A Moron Day!

What is Slap A Moron Day?
Slap A Moron Day is a day designated for the purging of moronic thought and activity from general society by way of palm to face therapy. Please see previous post.

Where is Slap A Moron Day held?
Slap A Moron Day originated in the small, moron-infested town of Macon, GA, but Slap A Moron Day is celebrated everywhere! It was originally designated for the United States, but is encouraged in other countries that may show signs of spreading moronitis.

When is Slap A Moron Day?
The first annual Slap A Moron Day will be held on Tuesday, July 1, 2008, and is to be held every year following on July 1st. This day was specifically chosen because of the unusually high levels of moronic actions and thought found around that time in 2008.

Why do we hold Slap A Moron Day?
News and crime statistics show that it is around this time of year, at the end of the public school year and during the hotter months at the beginning of summer, that morons are at their peak activity levels. Some examples of activities that increase this time of year include: boating while drunk, gang initiations, teenagers being teenagers, impromptu volleyball games, people wearing bikinis who shouldn’t, kids being obnoxious at the public pool, guys using too much lighter fluid on the grill, etc. Studies show that a sudden jar to the face and brain can have almost immediate positive effects on lowering personal levels of moronicity.

Note to Self: Rules and Regulations and Guide to Moronic Value coming soon. Any questions?


Sornie said...

One day may not be enough time. Can this be a twice-annual event?

MJ said...

Sornie - Hmmm.... I'll have to give that some thought...

pure evyl said...

Working in a Corrections Facility, I will most likely need a break from celebrating by noon. There are far too many morons to celebrate with.

MJ said...

Evyl - LOL. I'm sure my LEO BF can relate. He'll be on duty that day, so I'm sure his slapping hand will be tired.

K Trainor said...

All in favor of extending it to Slap a Moron Month, say aye!