Thursday, June 19, 2008

Note to Idiots

Yep, it's that time again. I will try to do one a week.

This note goes out to Terri who works as a service clerk for the Chevy dealership we hiked to after our tire blew out on our vacation this past weekend. Don't get me wrong, the dealership was quite accommodating. We were helped right away, and in the end, we got the tire we needed so we could get to the beach.

However, Terri efficiently killed any chances we had of sitting on the beach on Friday by "forgetting" TWICE to send a guy on what should have been a 30 minute drive to get our dang tire. Not only that, but she made up some strange story about "so-and-so is at lunch" and then "well, they had to go somewhere else" and some more "well the tire place..."

After sitting in an awful waiting room for three hours waiting on our dang tire, my roomie basically went, found the owner, and asked "WTF?" Which is how we found out Terri had been lying to us all along to cover up her own mistake. Basically, what should have only made us lose about one hour, made us lose about four. Because of Terri.

From what we understand they will be sending us an evaluation of service in the mail. I predict the quote "Terri sucked!" being written in big letters in the Comments section. Really, it wouldn't have been that big a deal to us if she had just admitted she forgot, but she lied. She lied A LOT. And it didn't help that we were all cranky because we were hungry.

Note to Self: For the rest of the trip when anything went wrong, someone would inevitably yell "effing Terri!" as if it were all that lady's fault. Because when it came right down to it, it was her fault.

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