Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Memorable Weekend

So, as you should know if you are a true Note reader, I went on vacation this past weekend.

We stopped by the DMV on the way out of town because I needed to get my license renewed. They opened an hour later than they used to (go figure), so we had to wait until they opened. When they finally called my number, the rest of my traveling party cheered and clapped. Then my roommate so lovingly yelled in the room full of strangers "We are just so proud of her! She has been sober a whole month!" Then my boyfriend proceeded to take a picture of me with his camera phone. Needless to say, I didn't think it was very funny. But at least the clerk laughed.

Then, we stopped by the Gun license office/marriage license office (yes, my city has them in the same office) to get my conceal and carry license. After taking scans of every finger twice, plus printing some more, and after filling out piles of paper work and paying out the nose, we finally walked out of the court house and started on our way to Florida.

Well, of course, being Friday the 13th we couldn't just get out of town without some bad luck. So about 45 minutes on the road and *boom*, sweeeeeeeeeeeerve, WTF? Our tire had exploded - not flattened - EXPLODED. How we didn't die, I'm not sure. We hiked to the nearest exit, through a field, and found a dealership that was willing to help us a get a tire. Four hours later (!), we were headed back to the car with a new tire to put on, only to find another problem. All because my boyfriend, being the good cop he is, just haaaaad to leave his flashers on. Flashers on x four hours = dead battery. Luckily the dealership also had a jump box. So a few minutes later we were finally on the road.

So after a long wasted day of driving, we got to the beach at about 8PM - about 6 hours later than we had planned - where we promptly changed and went out to drown our sorrows. Although, I did remind everyone that the glory of me getting a conceal and carry license totally outweighed any other junk that happened. I thought it was great. Other people thought it was scary. The boyfriend/cop was proud.

The rest of the weekend was perfect. Sun and sand. Food and fun. Drinking and umm...drinking. What else could you ask for?

So now I'm nice and tan, and I'm glad to be back home with my puppy.

Note to Self: If it's any indication of whether he missed me or not, Panther peed on the floor when he saw me.



Anonymous said...

Hi MJ,

Congratulations on the permit. By the way, being with a woman who packs heat makes you more manly. Visiting the DMV, however, drains the manliness from you at an incredible rate. Last time I went, and after waiting in line for half an hour to find out which line to wait in for six hours, I actually became jealous, briefly, of the woman ahead of me who had brought her knitting to occupy her time.

Mister Manly

Angela said...

Aw man. That WAS bad luck for Friday the 13th. Oh well. At least you had a good weekend in the end, right?

K Trainor said...

Woooo you GO, girl! Congrats on the license! (And being sober a whole month.) *runs!*

BetMe said...

K beat me to the punch line. I too was going to give you a round of applause for a month of sobriety. hahahaha.

Way cool on the CCL. Here in Texas they are CHL and I am still waiting on mine to arrive in the mail. It should be here sometime next month, I hope!

colbymarshall said...

I'm so glad you didn't die when your tire exploded!

Anonymous said...

Just because you went on vacation, does not mean you can go four days without posting. What were you thinking? Please tell me. I've been going through withdrawal.

MJ said...

MM - Thanks for the congrats! I could see how having to wait in there could drain the manliness, however, I think the guys in my group made up for it by spending most of the time complimenting each other on their flatulence. *shrug*

Angela - Yeah. Regardless of the bad, the sunshine and alcohol made it worth it. Plus, getting my license renewed means I finally don't have that stupid "Under 21" stripe on it.

K - You betta run!!! ;)

Betme - The sobriety jokes wouldn't have been so bad if they hadn't said it was for crack. I mean come oooooon. Congrats on your CHL as well!

CM - Thanks! Me too!

Livin - Sorry, I had planned to schedule some posts, but just never got around to it. Since I spent yesterday catching up at work, I hope to be able to jump back in. Hopefully you will get more than enough for a fix today!

Anonymous said...

come on, fess up.
You were playing with the gun and shot the tire out, didnt you?

MJ said...

The Glock jumped out of my hands, I swear! Don't tell on me!