Friday, June 27, 2008

How do you like me now?

So, the poll finally closed.

I set it for my birthday to be a nice little gift to myself. I'm kind of rethinking that little "gift" now though. LOL.

26% think I'm "pretty good!" Sweet! That's what I want to hear!
are planning to stalk me now.... Um. Kind of nice, but a little creepy.... I guess as long as you keep on commenting that's fine....
have been stalking me.... I knew someone was following me around in the mall!! I knew it! Where were you hiding? Under the lingerie tables???
6% say "eh..." Well, you know what Mr. and Mrs. Negative-pants? I think you're "eh..." too. So there.

...and then there's that one lonely vote for "I don't."
I have a few theories as to who this could possibly be.
So I give you... (a really long top ten title)

The Top Ten Possibilities for People Who Would Poll That They Don't Like My Blog

That guy who cut me off in traffic a few weeks ago, and I yelled "I'm going to blog about you on you idiot!!!"

My boss, who is tired of me blogging during work.

(8) There is a wolf in sheep's clothing out in the blogosphere. I'm not sure how the wolf types with a sheep costume on though.
Some n00b that found me through blogger and thought it would be friggin' hilarious to skew my numbers.

Some smartass that I accepted as a friend on facebook, and then they thought it would be funny. You know who you are.

Someone jealous of my shortness and its apparent effect on the other proportions of my body (ie. cleavage).

Someone who hates Yorkshire Terriers. Probably someone who also hates rainbows, chocolate, and sunshine too.

(3) A perfect candidate for Slap A Moron Day.
Someone who just really didn't like my blog.

And the number one possibility for who would say they don't like my blog:

(1) The devil from over at Colby's blog. That bastard snuck over here! Colby, you need to get your ninja squirrels on this guy ASAP!

Note to Self:
What should my next poll be, if I do one at all?


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. There's a present waiting for you outside.

MJ said...

Livin - Um thanks. I think. I'll come out to get it in a minute.... *looking for someone else to send*

colbymarshall said...

Ninja squirrels have been deployed. ETA: 2 minutes.

K Trainor said...

They took their eyes off Mordthor? Oh shit. There's gonna be a real mess over at Colby's place now.

Well I wasn't the lone evildoer, but after you called me OLD...lmao! I know, I know. Accuracy bites. Hope your birthday was great--I'm not planning to have one this year. I've already had 39 of them, and frankly that's quite enough.

MJ said...

CM - Crisis averted!

K - It's not "old," it's "well traveled" or "experienced." I plan to stop counting at 30. You should start counting backwards maybe.