Saturday, June 21, 2008

Countdown to 23

So, I turn an uneventful 23 years old on Friday. I'll be working that day, but I have yet to make any plans for that afternoon. I have a few things rolling over in my mind:

Go see the new Pixar movie Wall-E
Take a nap before bar-hopping all night
Get the cop to take me out to a nice restaurant
Invite friends to go on a long drive full of Chinese fire drills
Finally tune my guitar
Play some Zelda
Bake cookies

You guys got any good ideas?

Note to Self: Only a few days left to finish getting what's on my birthday list!


Anonymous said...

You should visit my blog on your birthday. That'd be sweet!

colbymarshall said...

I think that part of the birthday festivities should include a.) asking random strangers to hug/kiss/dip you, it's your birthday. and b.) come see my new house!

colbymarshall said...

(Giggle) I tagged you!

MJ said...

livin - I'm sure I will visit, since I will have to work. And as every good Note reader knows, my work time is also my blog time.

CM - I'll get you my pretty!! And your little monkey too!!! Hehe. I'll jump on that post first thing tomorrow, and thanks for the birthday ideas. I will need to come see your new hizzy soon : )

Melody said...


Hope you have a fun night out for your birthday. You deserve lots of attention. So here are some ideas about what to do for your special day.

1. "Forget" your lunch for work that day. Then you're guaranteed SOMEONE will take you out for free food.

2. Call in birthday wishes to yourself on the local radio station that allows shout outs. (This alerts the maximum people possible that they need to buy you a present. WARNING: Don't say to the DJ, Happy B-day MJ, from MJ. Use my name as an alias. Being CAUGHT shouting out to yourself is not cool.)

3. Hum "Happy Birthday" everywhere you go, and when people ask you why you're singing, then you have a reason to tell them it's your birthday. Lots of people will be extra nice to you once they know.

4. Tell people what to do all day, and when they try to argue, say, "Not today, buddy. I have birthday immunity."

I hope these tips help you to get you everything you want and more for your day.

CAUTION: These directions will only work for birthdays. If you try to use them on regular days, I cannot be held responsible for any accidents or homicides that may occur.

Melody Platz
Melody’s Silly Humor Site

K Trainor said...

Sounds like a great birthday plan! Shoot--I'd be happy with cookies and Zelda. In fact, should you come home from bar hopping to find a strange woman (that's me) eating all your cookies and playing your video games, don't panic. Lay down a trail of cookie crumbs leading out the front door and feel free to go to bed. Eventually, I'll notice said yummy scraps and wander away on my own.

MJ said...

Melody - thanks for all the great bday ideas! I like the radio call-in deal. I was also thinking of sending flowers to myself - kind of like we did in high school from "secret admirers". LOL. Thanks for stopping in.

K - Feel free to drop in. We can play some Mario Kart Wii. I'll kick your butt. Unless of course I'm totally sloshed from said bar-hopping. In that case, I will probably just fall asleep at the Wii wheel.