Thursday, May 29, 2008


That is one really good word to describe me right now.

I just paid $300 for two MBA text books, paid off two good credit card bills, and my rent comes due this Sunday. Not to mention, I am spending almost $200 a month on gas to fill up my Civic. And that's just to get to work. That doesn't include any other travels, like trips to Atlanta for shoe shopping....

Okay, okay...

So I'm not extremely broke yet, or I wouldn't have bought those new Enzo sandals this past weekend... or the Paolo pumps.

But I came across an article about people trying to save money, and they are turning to [try not to vomit] eating SPAM. Ugh. (h/t:Hot Air) I don't care how poor you are, that's nasty. Sales of SPAM have actually risen 10%, with many households buying it for the first time.

So I thought I would make a list of things I will not subject myself to, no matter how broke I am, and so I give you:

Top 10 Things I Will Not Do No Matter How Into Debt I Get

(10) Eat cheap/nasty food like SPAM (Some Parts Aren't Meat) or Ramen noodles - Not even in college did I lower myself to this. Why would you when mac 'n' cheese is like 50 cents a box?
(9) Stop getting my hair done
- No. Just, no. If you knew what I look like after two months without it, you'd say no too.
(8) Use less or cheaper toilet paper
- Heck no. I only have one bum, and I want it clean and moisturized.
(7) Stop buying shoes
- It is well known that shopping=happiness for some women. Namely, me. I have over 50 pairs and counting. They make me happy. You want me to be happy.
(6) Plant a garden - Besides the fact that I live in an apartment, I kill simple houseplants. I don't want to think about what I would do to something I would need to eat.
(5) Bike or walk long distances - No. If it's over 200 yards away, no.
(4) Turn off my A/C
- I have it turned off this week, but if you know anything about GA, that's not going to last very long.
(3) Take shorter showers - This doesn't apply to me because I have a fixed water bill, but I wouldn't do it anyway. If I couldn't take 30 minutes to bask in warm water in the morning, I would be homicidal.
(2) Doggie-bag all leftovers I have at restaurants.
They would end up just growing fuzzy things in the fridge anyway. Like a science experiment gone wrong.
(1) Stop wearing my more expensive makeup. Oh heeeeeeell no.

Note to Self: I'm not a horrible person, really. There are things I do to save money... next post.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the sweet, sweet smell of freedom - the ability to post without word verification. Ah, the smell... wait (sniff, sniff)... what is that? Oh, that's SPAM! :(

MJ said...

As long as it's not me....

Anonymous said...

I love this!! I may have to steal the idea...
I can relate to almost all of them.

MJ said...

TVV - Go for it! I enjoy being a muse.

K Trainor said...

MJ, you shoe ho! :D lol! I'm a barefoot gal m'self. TOTALLY with ya on the SPAM, though. I would not, could not eat some SPAM. I would not eat it, Sam-I-Am!

MJ said...

K - Not on a tram, not with a lamb - I will not eat that nasty SPAM - I could not, would not Sam-I-Am!

BetMe said...

I am with K Trainor on the shoe thing. Barefoot and loving it.

Your list is a riot!

I have not tried Spam but here in the South they say it taste almost edible if you fry it up and slap it between two slices of bread with a quart of Mayo.

MJ said...

Yes, I am a shoe ho. Sadly, I spend most of my time in a pair of flip flops. I simply collect shoes like some people collect art - only flaunting the most expensive on special occasions.

betme - I live in the South, but I'm still not eating that...